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I’m Emma of Betty Bluebell; Betty was my gran and my middle namesake. I work alongside Ted, my small and fluffy Business Development Dog. He specialises in snuggles.

I’ve been involved in making weddings happen in some capacity for the past 9 years. I have a background in hospitality and event planning and I still occasionally dip back into front of house management. I have always been artistic and in 2013/2014 I retrained as a florist after falling in love with the creative side of weddings.

I suppose in that respect I’m quite new but I grafted really hard to hone my trade, spending a year freelancing with an event design company before going it alone full time. By the end of 2017 there will have been 175 Betty Bluebell weddings and I’m only in year 3.

I have been nominated for a few awards on my journey but many I don’t believe in: concentrating on doing good work and receiving recommendations from clients and fellow suppliers alike fuels my soul. I have been really lucky to be the choice florist for several industry professionals’ weddings.

My workspace is in Cambuslang, around 15 minutes from Glasgow City Centre, but I have been hired to travel to the borders, Aberdeen and lots of destinations in-between. I do big and I do small, both with equal passion. 

Top left photo Jo Donaldson Photography, bottom left and right photo Rooftop Mosaic.